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Behrouz Ferdows Explains the Role of Entrepreneurship in job Creation and Development

What is the entrepreneurship role in creating jobs?

Behrouz Ferdows stated that entrepreneurship, nowadays, is regarded as a crucial indicator of creating jobs. He continued that without sufficient attention to the category of “development of entrepreneurial culture”, we cannot achieve the indicators of growth and development that are achieved through changes in production, productivity, and technical and industrial empowerment in the field of economics. In the transition from the traditional to the industrial stage, we must pay special attention to the individual abilities and capabilities of entrepreneurs in the use of natural resources and the use of modern technology. Because, by using new methods in the market, they prepare themselves for the optimal use of tools and achieving the desired quality of goods and services. So it can be said that entrepreneurship is the most important prelude to entering development because the axis of entrepreneurship is the human and the thought and creativity that he creates. In this case, the more importance is given to human beings and creativity and ideation, the more that society will accelerate economic development and increase per capita income and expand job opportunities. It goes without saying that many people think that any new idea can be considered entrepreneurial, but this is not the case. Many new ideas are not ideas and are not considered entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship, then, is a process that is not accomplished by the claims of every individual and requires testing, effort, and effort. So it can be said that entrepreneurship seeks to produce and create new added value that creates wealth in the welfare society.

How entrepreneurs collaborate in augmenting macroeconomic trends?

Behrouz Ferdows contributed that for economic growth, there must be competition and innovation. Successful entrepreneurs tend to be competitive and, through simple ideas, sometimes profit from a new industry. When entrepreneurs start a new job, of course, they need at least one or more employees to get the job done. Entrepreneurs, because of their job-creating potential, help reduce unemployment, which is one of the macroeconomic and social goals of governments. Thus, entrepreneurship can be the basis for labor employment, and the innovation that is created in economic activity by the individual leads to the creation of employment in society. The role of entrepreneurs in creating jobs can not only be ignored but rather highlighted since entrepreneurs are by nature job creators while most people in a community are labeled under job seekers. Simply put, by the existence of an entrepreneur in a society there are at least fewer job seekers in the economy hence providing employment for multiple job seekers leads to the creation of new businesses which is one of the crucial goals of economic development. Launching initiatives to promote and support new startups plays a significant role in motivating entrepreneurs in the direction of creating jobs which in turn helps to augment the standards of a company to a global level. Furthermore, Mr. Behrouz Ferdows added that entrepreneurs help with regional development when they set up new businesses and units in areas that are less developed and backward. This will lead to industrial developments i.e. improved infrastructures like schools, hospitals, shopping malls, entertainment and recreation centers, and so on and so forth that otherwise would not be obtainable. This means regional development which is the result of giving entrepreneurs the power to play their role in helping lift regional economies in their local or regional areas in many different ways.

Behrouz Ferdows continued that entrepreneurship, in addition to innovating in new products, seeks to meet social needs, create jobs, increase the profitability of companies and individuals, and develop the technology. At the same time, globalization, the reduction of trade barriers, and technological advances have provided many opportunities. The order of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial behavior has become widespread and has undeniably affected the business world. Upgrading and expanding entrepreneurial skills and training will increase the ability of human resources to create ideas and conduct applied research on ideas.

Entrepreneurship & Job creation

Behrouz Ferdows reiterated that the word entrepreneurship in our society, where unemployment is a major social problem, draws everyone’s attention to job creation. While these two concepts are both valuable and related, they are not necessarily compatible. The word job creation actually gives us the impression that a job is being created to meet the needs of the market. Entrepreneurship creates a new job and in fact adds a pure value to society. Job creation, in response to market demands, recruits and builds capacity for the jobs created. In other words, entrepreneurship is the creation of income by changing the main elements of the business, and job creation is the development of the existing business without changing its main components and elements.

To sum up, Behrouz Ferdows concluded that it cannot be ignored that entrepreneurship leads to an increase in the standard of living in a community by not just creating jobs but developing and adopting innovations with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of their employees, consumers/customers, and all other stakeholders in the community.

Behrouz Ferdows

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